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40 Before 40

You know how you always say, “that’s somethin’ I’ve always wanted to do” ? Well, now, we’re going to do it. I’m stealing this idea from a friend. She did a 30 before 30 list but given the fact that I turn 30 next year, and Jarret and I have a lot of big things we want to achieve, we thought we’d give ourselves a good 10 years to get these items checked off the ol’ bucket list. Many require traveling, also hence why we’re giving us some time. 🙂 Here is our list of 40 things we want to do before we turn 40…wish us luck! List made in October 2012.

  1. See an ON Broadway show in New York City.
  2. See a show at the Paramount in Seattle. Louis C.K. show – December 20, 2012
  3. Attend each of the 4 grand slam tennis tournaments (US Open, French Open, Australian Open, and Wimbledon)
  4. Take piano lessons (maybe just Sherry on this one)
  5. Go to Europe.
  6. Visit 6 new states.
  7. Go to a film festival.
  8. Go to a NASCAR race. Sprint Cup Series – Subway Fresh Fit 500, Phoenix International Raceway – March 3, 2013
  9. Take the “Ride the Ducks” tour in Seattle.
  10. Go on a cruise.
  11. Pack a bag, go to the airport, buy a ticket and fly somewhere for the weekend.
  12. See SNL live.
  13. Learn how to make Asian food from scratch.
  14. Have kids.
  15. Read a book on a religion.
  16. Take a Spanish class (Okay, so only Sherry wants to do this.)
  17. Sky dive.
  18. Ride a zip line through a forest.
  19. Road trip the east coast and build a sand castle on the eastern seaboard.
  20. Go to a professional driver training.
  21. Race a car on a track.
  22. Go to Vegas with friends.
  23. Learn to sail.
  24. Own a boat.
  25. Start a business.
  26. Surf anywhere.
  27. Have an adult trip with friends.
  28. Win a tennis tournament in singles or doubles.
  29. Throw a BIG party.
  30. Learn to shoot a gun well.
  31. Teach kids to waterski.
  32. See the Seahawks or the Mariners play in another city.
  33. Go to a homecoming game at EWU.
  34. Run a race in another state.
  35. Go to the Eiffel Tower.
  36. Drink a bottle of red wine in an small, Italian village.
  37. Straddle two state lines (to be in two places at once).
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